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The Waiting Room

Dr Sukhpreet Singh Dubb MBBS(Hons) BSc (Hons) BDS (Hons) MRCS

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Dr. Sukh is a facial surgery trainee in the NHS coming from an underprivileged background
and abject childhood poverty. During his time at Medical School he started widening
participating initiatives to help other underprivileged children have the same opportunities for
higher education, now running nationally. He has spoken in the White House, United Nations
and the House of Commons discussing leadership and social mobility in education and
Medicine. He currently trains as a dual qualified facial surgeon in the NHS treating patients
with cancer, trauma and facial deformity.

He started the Waiting Room project after hearing incredible stories from those around him
and wanted to share these moments of inspiration so that others would be similarly moved
and motivated. His interviews cover a breadth of topics that include bullying, racism,
discrimination, sexuality, mental health and cancer. Interviewees include celebrities, public
figures and members of the public each uniquely sharing their journey from childhood to the
present day centred around the role of the NHS.

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  • Dr. Sukh | Creator & Founder

  • Filming | One Globe Studio

  • Branding & Website | David Beharall

  • Photography | Priyesh Pankhania

  • Video Editor | Jill Sainsbury

  • Video Editor | Janine Pizzala

  • PR Manager | Bev Luckings

  • Social Media | Pete & Anna (Anon Agency)

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